In this issue, meet Board of Trustees member Doyle N. Beneby

Mr Doyle Beneby-4

When Doyle N. Beneby joined the UIW Board of Trustees in 2011, it was a natural fit. The 25-year veteran of the energy industry is himself a product of a Catholic education.

“Having benefited from the educational and social experience of attending a Catholic high school, it felt natural to become involved in a Catholic institution of higher learning,” said Beneby.

Of course, it didn’t hurt that Dr. Louis Agnese, UIW president, encouraged him to join at a break- fast where Agnese welcomed him to San Antonio not long after his arrival.

“Dr. Agnese is a persuasive and dynamic individual, and frankly quite difficult to say no to,” said Beneby. “Additionally, I have a passion for contributing to education and UIW is an up and coming institution that I was delighted to be a part of.”

Since 2010, Beneby has served as president and chief executive officer of CPS Energy, the largest municipal electric and gas utility in the nation. He has led the transition to a lower carbon intense generation fleet, utilizing clean coal, natural gas and nuclear energy combined with targeted renewables such as wind and solar energy. Through the multiple partnerships he has brokered with clean technology companies, thousands of jobs have been added to the Greater San Antonio area, increasing research and development and enhancing educational investments.

“I’m very pleased that CPS Energy was able to secure $100,000 earlier this year from our New Energy Economy partners that will go to scholarships for the students of the UIW School of Mathematics, Science and Engineering. We hope to employ some of these UIW engineers one day,” said Beneby.

As a successful leader, Beneby recognizes the importance of the UIW Board in the growth of the university.

“One of the primary roles of the Board is to give advice and counsel to the president and university leadership. Additionally, the other principle role of the Board is ambassadorship and promotion of the university,” said Beneby.

Beneby describes the changes he has witnessed during his tenure on the UIW Board simply: “Growth. Growth. Growth. Diversity. Diversity. Diversity. UIW is increasingly becoming bigger, better and more accessible to students around the globe.”

Beneby holds a bachelor’s degree from Montana Technical College and a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Miami. In 2003, he completed the Advanced Management Pro- gram at Exelon Training Center. He also completed the Advanced Executive Leadership Program at Exelon Academy/Northwestern University in 2008.

He serves on numerous boards for corporate and industry organizations. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce and San Antonio Medical Foundation.