Meet the Board: Susan Lynch PapeSusan Lynch Pape, a Boerne, Texas native and publisher of the “San Antonio Express-News,” is one of UIW’s newest Board of Trustee members, serving since March.

“My introduction to UIW was actually through Larry Walker and Tom Stephenson, both previous publishers of the “Express-News” who served on the board in previous years,” she said. “Then when I was promoted to chief operating officer of the “Express-News,” former UIW President Dr. Lou Agnese approached me about joining the board as well.”

Lynch Pape has been at the intersection of the strong working relationship between UIW and the “Express-News” since she started with the company in 2005 and has seen the partnership provide scholarships to the San Antonio community for over 10 years.

As a member of UIW’s board, Lynch Pape can carry out her personal commitment to higher education in the San Antonio community. She feels a connection with the UIW Mission to provide access to underserved areas.

“My involvement is somewhat self-serving because I think UIW plays a really important role in providing the opportunity for higher education to our market. So personally, it addresses my desire to be involved in higher education but also on a professional level, understanding that education is critical for us to have a vibrant community and to really grow as a city,” she said. “Providing access to higher education and educating our young population is extremely important.”

Lynch Pape is looking forward to leading engagement between the students at UIW and the business community, granting students professional experience to learn what it is really like in the working world. She feels this engagement will benefit students, as well as the business community, who can also learn how UIW provides a broader approach to not only higher education, but the whole person that graduates and their ability to approach business from a different perspective.

“I try very hard to maintain a moral sense of self in my professional career and operate in that way to provide a work environment that is centered around that pursuit,” she said. “Since this is also the Mission of UIW, I’m excited to see that grow farther and to be involved in it.”

Lynch Pape is the first woman to hold the title of publisher at the “San Antonio Express-News” since its founding in 1865. She holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Texas at San Antonio and completed her CPA in 1987. She has served on several boards in the community including the Witte Museum and the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce.