At a time when other universities are cutting programs and personnel, UIW is pleased to announce the addition of several new academic programs.

The Rosenberg School of Optometry (RSO) is now offering a 3+4 Bachelor of Science in Vision Science/Doctor of Optometry (O.D.) program. Students can complete both a B.S. in Vision Science and a Doctor of Optometry degree over seven years instead of the tradition- al eight-year track. This accelerated curriculum is for the advanced undergraduate student ultimately interested in a Doctor of Optometry degree. The successful candidate will qualify to enter this program upon admission to the university with specific criteria (Phase I). The student must maintain and meet additional requirements throughout three years of undergraduate vision science coursework for acceptance into the O.D. program (Phase II). Upon acceptance into the professional program and successful completion of the first professional year, the student will be retroactively granted a B.S. in vision science degree. At the conclusion of the 4-year program, the student will be awarded a Doctor of Optometry degree.

The School of Mathematics, Science, and Engineering has added a Master of Science in Applied Statistics program. This degree will provide students with a comprehensive study of the theory and applications of probability and statistics with specific emphasis in solving practical problems. Program graduates will be prepared for careers as applied statisticians in fields including medicine, biology, banking, insurance, environmental science and manufacturing. In addition, UIW’s department of mathematics has received a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture through the National Institute of Food and Agriculture to implement a statistical consulting laboratory into this program. As part of their study program, students will tutor undergraduate statistic students and work with industry clients.

The Ila Faye Miller School of Nursing and Health Professions is offering a new post Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) to Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) for family nurse practitioners. The school will admit the first class of full-time graduate students in January 2014 and will take applications this summer. It will be a hybrid program combining in-class coursework, with some online courses. Nurses with a BSN are eligible to apply for this program. After completing the program, students will be eligible to take the Family Nurse Practitioner certification exam, and will be awarded the DNP.

UIW’s Pastoral Institute will offer a bilingual Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministry (PMIN), through a collaborative academic arrangement with the Mexican American Catholic College (MACC) in San Antonio, Texas. The curriculum is based on solid Catholic biblical and theological foundations with pastoral application to concrete situations in ministry. Students will receive multidisciplinary knowledge in the liberal arts and Catholic culture. It will offer a solid foundation in biblical and theological studies in preparation for ministry and ensure language proficiency for ministry in a bilingual (English and Spanish) pastoral setting, and for English-language graduate studies. It will equip students with the leadership skills and intercultural competencies needed for effective pastoral ministry in today’s multicultural dioceses, parishes and institutions; and offer an optional concentration in philosophy which fulfills requirements of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) for seminarians at the college and pre-theology levels. Students complete the standard required core curriculum courses at UIW’s main campus. Most of the courses in the major are offered at MACC and are taught primarily by MACC faculty members who have been appointed as UIW part-time faculty. Students are subject to all UIW’s normal admissions standards.

UIW’s campus in Mexico City, Centro Universitario Incarnate Word (CIW), has recently signed an alliance with Mexico’s West- bridge University, to offer programs in gastronomy and 3-D animation. The Bachelor of Gastronomy program is designed for students to acquire the theory and practice needed to dominate food preparation from simple to sophisticated recipes from around the world, based on hygiene, quality, service and security fundamentals. The students will develop knowledge about the management of food and beverage related businesses so they may work in their own business or as chefs in specialized kitchens. The students will earn a Mexican degree.

The bachelor’s degree in 3-D Animation will offer two different concentrations. The first is 3-D animation specialized for visual effects. The students will acquire the theory and practice needed to design and create all aspects related to animation and visual effects, dominating 10 software programs used in film, TV, advertising and animation studios. The students will earn a Mexican degree. The second concentration is a dual Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation and Game Design (ANGD) between UIW and CIW that begins this fall.

For information, contact the UIW Admissions office at (210) 829- 6005.