IMG_4913The concept of wellness is based on the premise of obtaining a level of wholeness through several Dimensions of Wellness. Wellness is not solely based on our physical or emotional status, nor is it based on our condition of health. It is based on our individual ability to find wholeness in all the dimensions while striving towards wellness. There are many models that define the Dimensions of Wellness, but for this topic, the focus will be on Spiritual Wellness.

One way to understand the dimensions is to consider each of them as spokes on a wheel. Each spoke has to be of equal strength and length for the wheel to roll smoothly. The hub (center of the wheel) represents the individual while the outer tire represents wellness. With that understanding, it is easier to comprehend that we all have to strive for balance in all of our dimensions, while at the same time, working to increase the strength of each dimension. A strong and balanced wheel will roll down the path of life with greater ease.

While most of society focuses on the tangible dimensions such as Physical Wellness, Spiritual Wellness is often one of the dimensions that is overlooked. Spiritual Wellness deserves, if not demands, the same amount of dedication and effort as working out in the gym. Spiritual Wellness gives purpose to our lives. It defines our inner core, our soul, for a meaning greater than ourselves. Without a foundation of spirituality, how can anyone find wholeness/wellness? It is important to dedicate time and energy to the purpose of our individuality, to ask for reconciliation of our past and search for guidance in our future. It is only through such acts of faith, that Spiritual Wellness will become the flame that hardens the steel in our spokes.

One can move toward Spiritual Wellness by seeking purpose and meaning in every act performed; finding time to pray each day; sharing talents and blessings by serving others; and loving, cherishing, and embracing life as a gift.

By Scott LeBlanc ’06 MAA, director of recreation, sport and wellness