By Sr. Martha Ann Kirk, CCVI, professor of religious studies

Sr. Martha Ann Kirk enjoys a feast in northern Iraq during her research study on peace building efforts by Muslims inspired by Fethullah Gülen.

Come enjoy the feast prepared with love.

As you taste a bite, be in awe of the billions of years of evolving life,

Cells to seeds to plants invited by the sunshine – each moment a miracle.

Our parents Abraham, Sarah and Hagar welcomed strangers because our infinitely generous and hospitable God welcomes us.

Though Peter had denied him three times, Christ invited Peter to dine with him.

All in those times, he knew an invitation to dine meant forgiveness, reconciliation, friendship.

God’s family is meant to dine together.

As I am nourished and renewed by the feast, am I welcoming the stranger?

Am I forgiving, reconciling, uniting and creating friendship?

Jesus would say, “I was hungry and you gave me no food”

Mohammed would say, “How could I sleep if my neighbor is hungry?”

As I am strengthened, am I remembering about every five seconds a child is dying of hunger?

Share the feast with love.