Best “Faith” Forward

By Crystal Campos-Rosales, BA ’07

Relocating to a new state along with adjusting to a new vocation in life can pose feelings of excitement and fear. In August, I left my comfort zone to embark on a new adventure as a wife in a state miles away from family and friends.

Prior to leaving Texas, I was excited about the opportunity to begin my marriage in a different part of the world that my husband and I could explore together. Although I have always welcomed new challenges and contemplated residing in a different state, not long ago the huge relocation sparked feelings of fear. How well would I adapt to the area’s way of life? How well would I adjust to my vocation as a wife? These are questions I am sure many have asked before.

Throughout my childhood and adolescence my family instilled great Christian values in my life that I have sought to uphold as an adult. The past several years I have challenged myself to put my faith and values into action by maintaining an active prayer life and attending daily mass, along with ministering to others while serving on several A.C.T.S. retreats. The implementation of both commitments has increased my faith and trust in God, especially when facing difficult times.

Faith, as we know, is the belief in things unseen. I have never wanted to be a “doubting Thomas,” but last summer I found myself to be so. My paternal grandfather, whom I lost in 2009, served as a prime example of what it means to have faith. I often saw him praying the rosary or heard him offering prayers for his family. He always reminded me to have faith in God and pray.

Before slipping into a deeper abyss of fear, my grandfather’s advice resonated within me. I also recalled the unceasing faith of the first Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word who left France to respond to God’s call to minister to the sick in Galveston. They did not know the challenges they would encounter during the journey. All they knew was that God would provide. Their faith helped me realize that God would do the same for me. It is a lesson we should all remember when our minds are filled with doubts. I am extremely happy in my new home and I know I will put my best “faith” forward to conquer any challenges life brings.