Head Coach: Mike Santiago

How long have you been competing in your sport?

15 years.

Are you competitive with each other?

Aaron: I think we motivate each other more than anything. We’re always pushing each other to reach our highest potential.

What’s your best athletic skill? What do you think is your twin’s best skill?

Aaron: My best athletic skill would probably be my strength and knowledge of the game. Anthony’s best skill is his speed and endurance.

Why did you choose the same school?

Anthony: We wanted to stay together. I mean, we lived our whole lives together, so it would feel kind of weird not attending college together.

Aaron: I think just because it would be easier for us to adjust to college if we both had each other by our side. I know that I’ll always have my brother to count on no matter what and vice versa.

Why do you and your twin play the same sport?

Anthony: We love football. We played other sports, but nothing can compare to football. We were both blessed to receive scholarships, so we jumped at the chance to play college football.

What’s the hardest thing about being a twin on the same team?

Anthony: Players and coaches always have a hard time telling us apart. Especially as football players and being under all that football gear, people can’t tell who’s who.

What’s your favorite thing about playing on the same team?

Anthony: My favorite thing is just being out on the field playing with one another having a good time. Sharing that with your brother is a great feeling.

Aaron: I’ll always have someone I’m really close to on and off the field and in some of my toughest moments in life.

Can your friends tell you apart?

Anthony: Most of our close friends can tell us apart by now, but when we first got here, people had a hard time telling who’s who.

What’s the best part of having a twin?

Anthony: Always having someone there to hang out with. We always got along, so there’s never a time when we get tired of one another. We just feel blessed that we have each other; it’s kind of an unusual thing to say that you’re a twin. It’s a great conversation starter.

Aaron: I think the best part of having a twin is that I was born and raised with my best friend. I’ll always have someone to go through life with and really help me when I’m at my lowest and have someone to celebrate with when I’m at my highest. I’m truly blessed to have my best friend also be my brother. I am always going to be there to share his successes in life and pick him up when he stumbles. I love my big brother, and I wouldn’t trade the relationship we share for the world.

The worst part?

Anthony: The silly questions that people ask us, like “If he gets hurt, do you feel it?” or “Can you read his mind?” Ridiculous questions like that.