Women’s Soccer

Coach: Tina Patterson

How long have you been competing in your sport?

17 years

Are you competitive with each other?

Emily: Yes, we never want to lose to each other! If we are playing against each other, it’s going to be a battle! But after it’s done, we are best friends again. Other than that, we always support each other 100 percent.

Sarah: Yes! We aren’t competitive in a jealous way; we push each other and hold each other to higher standards than we would a normal teammate.

What’s your best athletic skill? What do you think is your twin’s best skill?

Emily: I am very tactical; I can usually predict the next few steps of the play. My sister is clever, and very fast. No one can catch her!

Why did you choose the same school?

Sarah: We had always planned on playing soccer for the same school and when we visited UIW, we both fell in love. Playing at two different schools was out of the question! We were a package deal.

Why do you and your twin play the same sport?

Sarah: We have always done the same things athletically; soccer was the only sport that we both loved and were both talented in.

What’s the hardest thing about being a twin on the same team?

Emily: We can be a little too honest with each other on the field, a little too harsh at times; it’s hard for us to distinguish the difference between teammates and sisters on the field.

Sarah: Having people automatically compare us. We are always compared to each other despite the fact that we play two totally different positions and have two totally different styles of play.

What’s your favorite thing about playing on the same team?

Emily: My favorite part is accomplishing something with my sister. It’s a special moment and feeling I get to experience with her.

Sarah: My favorite thing is the connection that we have with each other. We have played with each other our entire lives, and we both know what we expect out of each other. We hold each other to higher standards, and we push each other to perform at our best. I truly believe having a twin has made me a better soccer player.

Can your friends tell you apart?

Sarah: Our friends have always been able to tell us apart easily. In high school, we switched classes one time! Everybody in class knew except for our teacher. Whenever my sister and I had a boyfriend in high school, we would try to switch on the phone to see if they knew the difference. They always did!

What’s the best part of having a twin?

Emily: The best part is that I’m never alone. She is my best friend and my sister. What else could someone ask for?

Sarah: Always having your best friend with you and never feeling alone. I could not picture my life without my sister; she is a part of me, and I would be lost without her.

The worst part?

Emily: The worst part is always being compared to one another; we are two different people, who look and act and feel differently. We acknowledge and love how different we are, and we wish other people did, too!