Coach: Todd Bradley

How long have you been competing in your sport?

10 years

Are you competitive with each other?

Shelby: We are very competitive with each other, from athletics to academics. But in the end, we support each other the most.

What’s your best athletic skill? What do you think is your twin’s best skill?

Shelby: I think my best athletic skill is my catching skills behind the plate since I have caught my sister in lessons and games since I was 10 years old. From a hitting standpoint, I have always been a better hitter in pressure situations. Whitney’s best athletic skill would be her strong throws from the outfield and her field presence on the mound, and Whitney has always been a consistent hitter.

Whitney: I think we are both even athletically. The best thing about playing the same sport is that my sister is my catcher and knows me better than anyone. She is not afraid to tell me to step it up or let me know what I am doing wrong.

Why did you choose the same school?

Shelby: We both loved the school, and it was one of the schools that we could still stay together and still play softball together.

Why do you and your twin play the same sport?

Shelby: Growing up, our father played slow pitch softball and we went to all of his games. Around the age of 9, all our friends were signing up to play in the local softball league. We decided to sign up too and ended up loving the sport and continued to pursue it at a more competitive level.

Whitney: We couldn’t imagine playing a sport without each other.

What’s the hardest thing about being a twin on the same team?

Shelby: The hardest thing about being on the same team is being competitive because we want to be better than each other, but in the end, we are always pushing each other to be stronger. We are each other’s biggest fan.

Whitney: The hardest thing is we get on each other’s cases trying to make each other better.

Can your friends tell you apart?

Shelby: Our friends can easily tell each of us apart because we are fraternal twins and don’t look alike. People never believe us when we say we are twins.

Whitney: The only thing that happens is our mom and dad will accidently call us the opposite name sometimes.

What’s the best part of having a twin?

Shelby: You always have someone there to support you, and you grow up learning everything together and going through new experiences together. We support each other through tough situations, and we are each other’s best friend. I know no matter what we will always have each other’s back. And if either one of us has a problem, we know we understand each other the best.

Whitney: I am never lonely. It is nice to have your best friend with you when entering intimidating situations.

The worst part?

Whitney: The worst part is that I feel we are always compared to each other and very competitive, so it tends to create fights when we’re constantly doing the exact same thing every day of the week.