On the set of UIWTV are students Danielle Reyna (from left), Taina Bustos-Rivera and Fabian Avina. UIW student Ignacio Arreola-Vidal was interviewed by Univision’s Loudes Carrera.

By Ashley Festa

A class of about 30 UIW students, along with adviser Hank McDonnell, instructor of communication arts and the general manager of KUIW radio, hosted an open house Aug. 27 to show off the brand new UIWTV station. McDonnell has been working to make this dream a reality for the past five years.

Students working for UIWTV were taping and streaming live online at the first Cardinal football game.

Students working for UIWTV were taping and streaming live online at the first Cardinal football game.

The dream started taking shape with KUIW Internet radio, which is celebrating its five-year anniversary. Produced entirely by students, the radio station boasts listeners from all over the world. Now, KUIW’s student-run television counterpart is bringing videos and live coverage to anyone in the world who wants to tune in. The first class of students that began this station started in the spring, covering news, sports and entertainment, learning the equipment, editing and uploading videos, which are now available on the site. The fall class has been taping stories on campus, and they covered Cardinal football live from Benson Stadium. César Alvarado, the UIWTV sports director, made sure the station had instant replays and commentary from KUIW radio sportscasters.

McDonnell and the station’s student directors were at the open house to show guests around and explain all the technology. Some visitors even had the chance to experience what it’s like to be on screen. McDonnell emphasized that students were in charge of the station and its content. “I’m just sitting in the back of the bus, and they’re driving it.”

The station has a full student crew, from upper management positions on an advisory board making the decisions about station content, all the way to volunteers who just want to be a part of this exciting technology. And best of all, this isn’t limited to communication arts students; any student can be part of this.

If you would like to help the station with operational costs while promoting your business, advertising and underwriting opportunities are available. E-mail uiwtv@uiwtx.edu for more information. You can find UIWTV online at www.uiwtv.org.