Dear Friends,

In March, I was blessed to take part in the opening Mass celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word’s founding. This remarkable event was a celebration of the congregation’s longevity, dedication to their call, their compassion and their vision to make real and tangible the love of God in the world.

During his homily at the Mass, Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller remarked on the beautiful promise the CCVI Sisters have made through their credo “A Life for God and a Heart for Others.” Succinctly and simply, it makes plain the central values of our faith. How blessed we are at the University of the Incarnate Word to be among the Sisters’ sponsored ministries and to be a direct recipient of that promise.

With that gift comes a shared responsibility to keep the UIW Mission, rooted in the charism of the Sisters, at the heart of everything we do.

As we move forward as a University, we continue to come together as One Word united by our core values and own promise to embrace that responsibility.

Through our strategic priorities and plans for our community today and through tomorrow, our Mission serves as our light, guiding us as we work to educate and graduate students who will live lives in their fullest sense and impact their communities for the better.

I’m glad to invite you, dear alumni and UIW community members, to be as much a part of our future as you are our past and present. Join us at our special events, lectures, games and service opportunities where we put the Mission into action. You are part of our Incarnate Word family, and by working together our impact will be felt today and into the next 150 years.

Praised be the Incarnate Word!

Thomas M. Evans, PhD