The diminutive 764-square-foot house, tucked between the Barshop Natatorium and the McDermott Center on main campus, may not take up much space, but in the five short years since the Solar House was completed, it has generated some big, sustainable milestones.

7,500 kilowatt hours produced per year

With a net-zero daily consumption, the energy produced by the Solar House far exceeds its needs, which allows it to partially power the Natatorium. In fact, the 68.4 megawatt hours of energy produced over five years could power three stadiums.

48 tons in carbon offset

The Solar House’s construction and daily operation were planned to produce the lightest possible environmental footprint. By utilizing recycled and sustainable materials, an energy-efficient heating and cooling system and appliances, and a number of multi-purpose features, it has o set the equivalent of energy generated by 1,050 trees.

$7,500 in energy savings over five years

It pays to be green. While the average residential energy bill in San Antonio is approximately $102 per month, the Solar House generates an estimated $1,500 in yearly savings.