Students from the University of the Incarnate Word School of Osteopathic Medicine (UIWSOM) inaugural class reveal why they chose to pursue medicine at UIW and what impact they hope to make in the future.

First Class: UIWSOM's Future Physicians

  Lauren Hatherall

When Lauren Hatherall was considering medical school, applying to be a part of the UIWSOM’s inaugural class felt like fate. Already a UIW alumna, she held dear her undergraduate years at the institution where she had also been an athlete.

“I had such a positive experience here as an undergrad. Incarnate Word developed me into the professional that I wanted to be,” she said. “When I heard they were opening an osteopathic medical school, it was serendipitous that I would be applying to school where I had had such a positive past experience.” 

She also hopes to provide a positive experience for her future patients. “I hope that when people come to see me, they want to see me,” she says, adding that she also wants to instill in her community and in future generations that the doctor is an ally. Hatherall is considering a future in primary care or oncology. 


First Class: UIWSOM's Future Physicians

Samuel Mota-Martinez

As a future physician Samuel Mota-Martinez, wants to heal while also addressing the root causes of illness. Hailing from Napa, California, Mota-Martinez feels at home in the UIWSOM’s program that focuses so intently on the patient, and on whole-person care. It was the ideal fit for a doctor who wants to provide care to body and spirit. 

“It was the faith and the science that brought me here. I thought about how I want to practice as a doctor, and I want to be formed by my faith,” he said. “I wanted to learn from other physicians about how they live out their faith in their practices,” he said.

A former high school teacher and graduate of Carroll College in Montana, Mota-Martinez is considering a future in family medicine with a focus in palliative medicine or obstetrics and gynecology. 


First Class: UIWSOM's Future Physicians

   Allison Ogle

Allison Ogle doesn’t want to be the kind of doctor who treats patients like a list of symptoms. Ogle’s grandfather was a doctor — one of the last to make house calls. She was inspired by the relationship he had with his patients, and the way they looked up to him, and hopes to be the kind of physician who works to build trust between doctor and patient. At UIWSOM, she appreciated the emphasis on ethics and empathy. 

“This is one of the only medical schools I have seen that has a program that incorporates community outreach. … I want future generations to trust their doctors,” she said. “The doctor-patient relationship is a unique and precious one, and I don’t want to be a doctor who takes that for granted.”

She is originally from Boerne, Texas and completed her master’s degree at UIW. A former middle school teacher, Ogle is considering a future in pediatrics. 


First Class: UIWSOM's Future Physicians

Kaylyn Snook

Kaylyn Snook comes from a family of practitioners who positively influenced her future direction. That, coupled with the dedication and support that she has seen from the faculty during her tenure as a master’s student at UIW made her feel at home in the smaller, private institution. In addition, being among the members of the school’s first class has given her an opportunity to be part of this new undertaking with a select group of students. 

“I have never had professors that value my education so much,” she said. “I come from a very big state school and it was unheard of to have a relationship with your professors. They are so accessible, and you can tell how much they want you to succeed. This was the school that I wanted to be a part of.”

Originally from Southern Denver, Colorado, Snook is considering a future in general surgery.