UIW now offers a major in Cyber Security Systems (CSEC) providing students with the skills needed to face the challenges of ever-increasing threats to our vital information infrastructure.

Areas of study include personal security, hardware and networking, programming and software, network security, designing businesses and information systems for security, securing organizations, and internships and practicum experiences.

San Antonio already has the highest concentration of cyber security expertise outside of Washington D.C. according to the Cyber Texas Foundation. With the knowledge and hands-on experience, students will be ready to compete in the industry.

CSEC graduates are in demand now as the need to protect physical and virtual computer resources has never been higher. Graduates will fill the need for people who have a broad range of knowledge of computer information systems and who understand the issues and complexities of cyber security at the personal, physical and organizational levels.

For more information on the CSEC program, visit www.uiw.edu/cis.