By Summer Chandler
Karin and Scott Beckendorf pose for photo at the 2013 Swing-In Auction Party.

Karin and Scott Beckendorf pose for photo at the 2013 Swing-In Auction Party.

While it may be said often, it is no less true: helping others rewards the giver as much as the recipient. That reward is what has kept UIW Board of Trustees member J. Scott Beckendorf involved with UIW’s Development Board for 19 years.

“I think it just does good for the person who solicits funds for other people, soliciting for someone other than yourself,” Beckendorf said. “I think there is some sort of energy, a kind of emotional, physical and spiritual reward. You get this euphoria knowing that the work you’ve done has helped someone else.”

Beckendorf has found several ways to chase that positive feeling through volunteer work. But with all the philanthropic efforts available, why has he chosen to raise money for UIW?

“I enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that the work I do for the school is helping someone get a higher education,” Beckendorf said.

One of his favorite events each year is Swing-In, the annual auction party and golf tournament.

“The impetus behind Swing-In – and other events that the Development Board is involved in – is scholarships. Scholarships help students pay for their education. When a student receives help and graduates, they don’t have this huge debt hanging over their heads,” Beckendorf said.

Karin & J. Scott Beckendorf Scholarship recipient UIW freshman Lauren Pape.

Karin & J. Scott Beckendorf Scholarship recipient UIW freshman Lauren Pape.

At a Development Board meeting in November, a scholarship was named in honor of Beckendorf and his wife, Karin, awarding five students $2000 each toward their education.

But he admits his reason for enjoying Swing-In so much isn’t entirely altruistic.

“The event itself is just a lot of fun. I’ve been involved in the Development Board and Swing-In for 19 years and it has evolved into a very fun event. Those who attend one year always want to come back the next year,” Beckendorf said.

Don’t ask him to pick a favorite between the auction party and the golf tournament, though. “I enjoy both equally. I think the auction party is a great time for me and my wife and my friends and colleagues to get together and support the university. Now, I have to say I do enjoy the golf tournament quite a lot too. The golf course is just one of the most beautiful places to be: everything is so beautiful, every blade of grass is in its place.”

Those interested in attending the 38th Annual Swing-In Auction Party can call (210) 829-6013 for more information or visit More information is also available on the event’s Facebook page at:

This year’s totally awesome “Throwback to the 80s” Swing-In Auction Party is scheduled for Thursday, April 30, at 6:30 p.m., in the McCombs Center Rosenberg Sky Room, with the Golf Tournament kicking off Friday, May 1, with tee times at 7:30 a.m. and 1 p.m., at the Republic Golf Course. Be there or be square!

All proceeds from this two-day event go towards student scholarships at UIW.

Click the cassette tape below to visit the official Swing-In website!

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