Golzar Hosseini 001Golzar Hosseini


Major: Biology

“Thanks to scholarships and the generosity of other donors I was able to attend UIW. My parents know that UIW offers a great education; the scholarships I receive help them worry less about money for college and allow me to attend the school I want.”

Juan MarinJuan Marin


Major: Computer Graphic Design and Fine Arts

“Scholarships have been a big part of my educational success. It is because of these funds and sponsor support of events like Swing-In, that we as students are blessed with opportunities to continue towards our degrees.”

Brenda Miranda -BBrenda Miranda


Major: Vision Science with a Minor in Accounting

“Receiving scholarships from UIW has helped me focus on my studies and given me and my family peace of mind about affording college. These scholarships have helped me reach my goals and have inspired me to one day donate money and create a foundation to help other students in economic need to fulfill their dreams.”

Vivian PartidaVivian Partida


Major: Nutrition/Dietetics

“I was able to qualify for scholarships to fund my schooling that would allow me to continue my educational journey. When it comes to education, every penny counts. I am very grateful to all those who make a gift to UIW.”