Let the light of your faith shine

By Most Reverend Gustavo García-Siller, M.Sp.S
Archbishop of San Antonio

Each day of your life is a gift from God, providing you with the opportunity for a new beginning and to meet the challenges before you, while celebrating its joys.  Your Catholic education prepares you to embrace the new, exciting and demanding days ahead.  Through the deepening of your relationship with God, you can measure your preparedness to proclaim the Gospel, transforming your knowledge and faith into action.

I encourage you to allow your faith to always guide the important decisions ahead of you and direct your journey through life.  Never stop listening for God’s will in your heart, and do not be afraid to say, “Yes” to his calling.  Jesus declared, “You are the light of the World.”  So let the light of your faith shine brightly for all to see, in every place and in every circumstance.

Blessed John Paul the Great encouraged the young women and men of the world to share their faith with a world who needs to know Him.  He said, “They yearn for the life which Christ came to give in abundance…In your hands, carry the cross of Christ; on your lips, the words of life; in your hearts, the saving grace of the Lord.”