Dr. Pat LeMay Burr, distinguished chair in international business, was invited to participate in the U.S. FBI Citizens’ Academy, a group of community leaders in various cities that convenes on an annual basis to educate about the many FBI departments and what they do at the local level. Burr’s Academy traveled to Quantico, Va., where FBI recruits receive their initial training. The group received briefings at the FBI Central Office in Washington, D.C. and visited the Special Operations Center. She also joined the Alumni Association of Former Academy Members and now serves on their board of directors.

“It was the opportunity of a lifetime,” Burr says. “I would never otherwise have had an opportunity to be inside the Quantico training facility, meet FBI leadership, or learn what the FBI does on a daily basis. I have a new and profound respect level for their integrity, work ethic, endurance, stamina, and commitment. They are an amazing group.”


Dr. Melinda Adams

Dr. Melinda Adams, associate professor of fashion management, received an invitation from Bexar County Economic Development to participate as a local subject matter expert on the U.S. fashion industry at a forum for delegates from the Hai Yang People’s Congress and Sweater Industry Association on Dec. 7.

Dr. Brian McBurnett, associate professor of chemistry, was recently awarded a Fulbright Fellowship. He will use the Fulbright on a sabbatical to teach and research in chemistry in Rio and Brazil at Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, a UIW sister school.

The National Association of Pastoral Musicians honored William Gokelman, professor of music, for his “Mass of Renewal,” co-composed with David Kauffman. The “Mass of Renewal,” won first place in the new Mass settings competition out of 150 entries. It is also being used at UIW’s Our Lady’s Chapel and was selected for use by parishes all over the country when the Catholic Church introduced the new Mass language.

Dr. Kevin Salfen

Dr. Kevin Salfen, assistant professor in the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, was elected secretary of Theatre Nohgaku, an international troupe specializing in Japanese- and English- language noh, an area of his research. He studied this form of theatre while living in Japan for two years and took lessons in dance and singing. Salfen also wrote program notes for the Nov. 14 Dallas concert of the Grammy Award-winning Pacifica Quartet, and attended the National Conference of the American Musicological Society (AMS) from Nov. 10-13, where he represented the Southwest Chapter of the organization at the AMS Council meeting.

In Dec. 2011, Dr. Timothy Henrich, professor of sports management and kinesiology, was re-elected vice president and commissioner of physical education for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) International Council for Health Physical Education, Recreation, Sport and Dance in Cairo. He was also named founding co-editor-in-chief for Cairo of the Middle East Research Journal of Research, along with Dr. Farouk Abdel-Wahab of Minia University. Henrich also received the 2012 Presidential Award for Meritorious Service and Scholar from the Egyptian Sports Science Counsel and Olympic Committee.

Dr. David Foglesong

Dr. David Foglesong, associate professor of biology, has received a grant for $18,275 from the William and Ella Owens Medical Research Foundation to support his research entitled “Cytotoxicity of antitumor drugs for human HuT 78cells activated by interleukin-2.” This represents a continuation of research currently funded by the foundation in Foglesong’s laboratory. Altogether, Foglesong has now received four extramural grants totaling $119,608 to support his research in the past four years. These grants have provided support for six graduate students who have done thesis research for their Master of Science in biology under his supervision.

Dr. Julian Davis

Dr. Julian Davis, assistant professor of chemistry, reported that the UIW Department of Chemistry was awarded a Welch Department Grant from the Welch Foundation in the amount of $35,000 for 2012-2013. The support will go toward the department’s Summer Welch Research Program where students have the opportunity to work full-time on a research project under the direction of faculty members. Chemistry, biology, nutrition or related science majors gain valuable experience doing such laboratory research.

“Thanks to Education, Reconciliation and Hope Arise,” on research in Iraq was completed by Sr. Martha Ann Kirk, CCVI, professor of religious studies, and Sr. Patricia Madigan, OP, and appears on page 13 of the Dec. 2011 edition of “Aurora Magazine” of the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle, Australia (www.mn.catholic.org.au) The magazine has a circulation of 70,000. From Jan. 13 through Feb. 10 they also had an exhibit of images and stories, “Iraqi Women of Three Generations: Challenges, Education, and Hopes for Peace,” at the Incarnate Word High School Library.

Dr. Gary Keith

As the newly elected president of the South West Association of PreLaw Advisors (SWAPLA), Dr. Gary Keith, assistant professor of political science, chaired the SWAPLA board meeting in Nov. 2011. Keith also accompanied government majors Leah Smith and Victor Reyes to compete in the National Undergraduate Moot Court Tournament Jan. 13-14 at Chapman University Law School in Orange, Calif.

Dr. Paul Messina, assistant professor of mathematics, competed at the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team Trials in international air pistol.

Dr. Matthew Gonzalez, assistant professor of business in Extended Academic Programs, presented his research paper, “Emotional Intelligence within Project Management,” at the Harvard Faculty Club for the Association of Global Management Studies March 5-6.

Under the leadership of Dr. Amalia Mondriguez, professor in the College of Humanities Arts and Social Sciences, Modern Languages sponsored the first annual “Fiesta de Reyes” for UIW. The celebration of “The Three Kings” is a major event in Spain and students in the Spanish culture and civilization class also took part in the event, along with the UIW community, the Puerto Rican Society, and San Antonio community members.

Dr. Brian Kinnaird

Dr. Brian Kinnaird, professor of criminal justice in Extended Academic Programs, was invited to present as a keynote speaker in January at both the Guadalupe Valley Peace Officer Association’s quarterly meeting and the FBI Regional Command College Luncheon to discuss law enforcement issues.

In February, Dr. John Velasquez, assistant professor of psychology, hosted a 10-year reunion for Presa interns. For the past ten years, approximately 60 psychology majors have completed their internship at the Presa Community Center. The partnership between UIW and Presa was started with a Department of Housing and Urban Development grant in 2002, and psychology interns have conducted work at Presa for the past 30 consecutive semesters under the direction of Velasquez.

Dr. Lopita Nath

Dr. Lopita Nath, assistant professor of history, attended the International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Meanings, Cultures and Values from Jan. 4-7 in New Delhi. At the conference, she presented her paper on “Ethnic Identity, Forced Migration and the Creation of Diaspora: The Lhotshampa Exodus from Bhutan.”

James Borders, assistant professor of art, exhibited his work in the Annual Miniature Exhibition at River Oaks Square in Alexandria, La. from Nov. 29 through Jan. 14.

Dr. Timothy Milinovich

Timothy Milinovich, assistant professor of religious studies, attended the Society of Biblical Literature/American Academy of Religion Conference in San Francisco from Nov. 19-22. At the conference, he was invited to become a senior fellow at the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology. The group of senior fellows consists of 45 Catholic biblical scholars in the U.S. who emphasize theological and liturgical perspectives in interpreting scripture. Milinovich is the youngest senior fellow among their ranks.

In Nov. 2011, Dr. Harold Rodinsky, assistant professor of psychology, was invited to be a speaker at the Distinguished Lecture Series at John Jay Exemplary High School’s Academy of Science. He presented his current research project, “Theory of Levels of Processing: The Effect of Elaborative Rehearsal on the Production of Semantic Memories.”

Dr. Bernadette O'Connor

Dr. Bernadette O’Connor, associate professor of philosophy, attended the American Maritain Association’s 35th Annual International Conference at Notre Dame, St. Mary’s College, on Oct. 13-15, and presented her paper, “Two False Theories of Human Equality Identified by Maritain Applied to Contemporary Feminists’ Concerns.”


Dr. John Perry, professor of communication arts and speech communication, published “Texas: An Illustrated History,” (New York: Hippocrene Books) after four years of work. The book is part of the publisher’s series on states and countries and each runs about 190 pages with photos. The San Antonio Express-News reviewed the book, stating, “Perry skillfully compresses latter events and timelines into a narrative that rollicks along the tracks he lays down throughout the book, filled with interesting anecdotes and insights into the economic and political conflicts that animated each of the historical periods he chronicles.”