Bill Gokelman

Bill Gokelman, professor of music, was named the 2011-12 Moody Professor. Faculty members annually elect the Moody Professor, the highest faculty honor the university bestows. It reflects the level of scholarship, teaching excellence and community service achieved by the recipient.

“It was a big surprise and very humbling,” Gokelman said. “I’m so grateful for the recognition. But there are so many people here who do what’s expected of a Moody Professor.”

The Moody Professor delivers two public lectures annually and leads the graduation procession for UIW. Though it’s too early to say exactly what he’ll speak on for his lectures, Gokelman plans to use the opportunities to “illuminate a different side of music and show what’s behind the music and music making.”

“Some people have asked me, ‘Why not just get up and sing?’” he said, with a laugh. “I told them maybe, but probably not. But there may be some music involved in it.”