Greg Cuellar

By Ashley Festa

Greg Cuellar, a senior concentrating on graphic design in the Computer Graphic Arts Department, had his work selected recently for publication in CMYK Magazine.

The issue, No. 46, was published in February.

“It still hasn’t sunken in,” Cueller said of his accomplishment. “This could definitely lead to some great opportunities for me as I begin my career. And it also helps bring attention to the relatively young design program at UIW.”

Cueller’s project was to create a timeline of a subject with a 200-year history, and his was called “U.S. Whiskey Time Line.” It was first developed in Professor Denny Fagan’s Print III: Information Design course, and it was selected for the Promotional Materials/Timeline category.

“The timeline I created featured a tipped over bottle of whiskey with the drink itself splashed across the length of the piece. The dates and information included on the timeline seem to have been thrown from the bottle as well, signifying the history contained within each bottle,” Cueller explained.

The magazine features the work of the “Top 100 New Creatives” from more than 35 different art schools, universities, departments and workshops across the globe.