MBSThe University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) is offering a new Master of Biomedical Sciences (MBS) degree. The M.B.S., an innovative one-year program, is designed to enhance scientific knowledge and professional preparation for students seeking to attend medical school or other health professions training. The program will help to strengthen academic credentials to ensure success as students pursue advanced degrees.

M.B.S. faculty and staff are committed to moving students toward future educational and professional goals. The generalist study program provides the background necessary to pursue a variety of careers in the health professions. The program is intended for students who need to bolster their competitiveness for D.O./M.D., P.A., P.T., O.T., and other health care careers. Students will complete preparatory coursework prior to entry into health profession schools or the biomedical workforce. The program will include foundational graduate-level courses, team-based learning, patient-centered learning, and professional development.

To learn more, visit www.uiw.edu/mbs/index.html