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Photo showing a model of UIW's proposed Science & Engineering Center.

Much of the renovation is concerned with improving and expanding laboratory space for faculty and student research at UIW. The new building will house nine teaching labs and 13 research labs.

An addition of 43,600 square feet will be built directly north of the old Science Hall and will be connected to the original structure by a walkway on the second and third floors. With the addition, the new Science & Engineering Center will double its present size and will be 86,600 square feet. This five-story addition will house all new Biology and Chemistry laboratories to be used by students and faculty in instruction and research training and 15 offices for graduate students.

The old, three-story Science Hall, with its 43,000 square feet, will be completely renovated to hold faculty and administrative offices, eight classrooms, conference rooms, a lecture hall and laboratories for Mathematics, Physics, Environmental Science and Geology, Nutrition, Engineering, Computer Science and Information Systems. The building will contain eight classrooms with distance learning capability, a large interactive lecture hall, three interactive conference rooms with video hookups, two administrative offices, two lounges/study areas, two faculty work rooms and 24 offices.

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