The UIW international network has grown even wider with the recent addition of a European Study Center in Strasbourg, France. Much like in Heidelberg, Germany, this new program allows UIW students to study a wide variety of subjects through an interdisciplinary program in English at the University of Strasbourg. They’ll learn the rich history and current affairs of European countries while immersing themselves in this dynamic multicultural city, known as the city of roads, that sits at the border of France and Germany.

Student Government Association President Mariana Barron-Esper visits Strasbourg

Student Government Association President Mariana Barron-Esper visits Strasbourg.

What’s more, they will study alongside students from universities in the U.S. and Europe. Many students choose to room in the Château de Pourtalès, a 250-yearold castle a few minutes from the city’s bustling historic district.

Cardinals explore the city's rich culture

Cardinals explore the city’s rich culture

While this brand-new opportunity has just opened to UIW students, a handful of representatives from UIW student groups and staff have already had the opportunity to explore the Strasbourg campus as part of an initial travel endeavor.

There’s a lot to be discovered in this new French destination, and many new students from UIW and other universities and colleges to meet. Many more Cardinals are sure to opt to explore this unique European destination for years to come.