IMG_0310“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” (Psalm 119:105)

In the world of fast food and smartphones, we’re accustomed to getting what we want when we want it. When we need direction, guidance, and perspective in life, we often approach God with the expectation that He’ll instantly gratify our heart’s desires.

During my undergraduate studies at UIW, I frequently sought direction from professors on what classes to take, guidance from peers on what organization to join, and perspective from family on what to do post-graduation. Their willingness to give me advice and help me grow enabled me to succeed at UIW, but it was God, who made all these things possible. He loves us unconditionally and wants to give us even greater direction, guidance, and perspective so we can live beautiful, victorious lives. We only need to draw near to Him to hear His voice.

In Psalm 119:105, the Hebrew word for lamp indicates that there is sufficient light to illuminate only the next step on the sojourner’s path, but God doesn’t promise that alone for us. He promises to enlighten the totality of our lives like a light that “shines in dark places until the day dawns.” (2 Peter 1:19) God has a glorious plan for each of our lives and vows to make all matters clear to us if only we draw near to Him by reading His Word and spending time with Him in prayer.

No matter what unknowns we face in life, remember that God has already provided the direction, guidance, and perspective we need and that He is present, working all things together for our good and His glory. He has great things waiting for us!

By Olivia Almirudis ’16 BA, CCVI Spirit Award recipient