UIW alumni will be pleased to know that all on-campus library resources are available for them to utilize. Mabee Library welcomes alumni to check out books and other source materials with their Alumni Association Membership Card; to access the many library databases by using the on-site, guest computer terminals; take ad- vantage of copying services at student rates; attend the many courses and workshops presented by the library; and participate in the many services offered at the library.

UIW’s library offers many classes and workshops to students, faculty and alumni. The library’s “Ticket to Knowledge,” a series of open classes and webinars on available databases and resources, occurs during the academic year.

Remote access to the library databases is limited. However, through the Title V grant, Mabee subscribes to RefWorks, a bibliographic citation management tool. RefWorks is accessible to students after they graduate if they attended UIW in the last two years. The tool is especially beneficial to graduate students that have conducted research at UIW and have accumulated citations because they will always have access to those archives.

The library is open most evenings until midnight. Research librarians are on- staff to help alumni identify which local libraries have the resources they need as a service in lieu of Interlibrary Loan. Further, the TexShare card program, a service that allows students to check out materials from any library in Texas, extends to the public libraries and alumni may acquire the card at their nearest public library.

“Any type of service the library has is open to alums,” said Dell Davis, Mabee Library’s director of public services. “All the services, everything, the classes, the research 101 consultations, and materials are all available.”

To see hours of operations, learn more about library resources, and to view a schedule of upcoming classes and work- shops, please visit Mabee Library’s webpage at http://library.uiwtx.edu.