Martin Noyola, Jr. ’05 BS and Jennifer L. Baldwin ’04 BA were married July 16 in San Antonio. Noyola is a doctor of physical therapy, and a certified athletic trainer. Baldwin is a certified teacher and works with students with autism. They reside in Irving, Texas.

Jennifer J. Robbins ’09 BBA married Justin James Griffin in July at the Pearl Stables in San Antonio.

Bridget Lynn Murphy, ’10 BA and Kendrick Dejun Cross, USAF were married on June 11, 2011 at Lackland AFB.

Melissa Jaskinia ’10 BA is engaged to Steven Wiatrek. Their wedding is scheduled for June 9, 2012

Dr. Lisa Murray ’11 Pharm.D. married Mike Capps on April 30.


Dr. Christina Albanese ’10 Pharm.D. and Paul Gunter

Dr. Christina Albanese ’10 Pharm.D. married Paul Gunter in San Antonio.